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Awesome! If everyone could provide exactly what they promise to then there would be no skeptics out there buying stuff from the internet and life would be so much easier. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product you have obviously spent a lot of money producing this material especially the video and I hope it pays off as it has for me. Made well over $6000 in the first month and a half and intend on making more.

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Stefano Feno

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Claire Matchford
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Kirsty Macky
Leeds, United Kindom

"Hi Mikey, I am the owner of Kelota sports. I am providing professional handicapping service for my clients and I have been in business for more than 10 years. I need not tell you how many systems we have tried to come up with good handicaps. Among the several systems I have tried, I can call your system as the best because your system helps choosing handicaps perfectly. I have seen streaks with other systems, but �win bet after bet� is what your system is. With your system, handicapping was no more tough. Before using your system, we spend several hours in a day to come up with winning picks and I would like to thank you for your professional service. We would like to promote your system on the home page of our website"

Ben Harper
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Ryan Philips
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Graham Hammer
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Carol Diddy
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Jamie Foster
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Anna Armstrong
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Barry Police
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Thomas Ginger
Kansas, USA

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Joan Brown
Pennsylvania, USA

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Vanessa Strong
Los Angeles, USA

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Reynold Keys
Reading, United Kindom

"Among other sports betting systems that support the bookies, Mikey�s system really helps bettors. Thanks for such an amazing system that really works. "

Kirk Longston
Enfield, UK

"Mikey, your system has showed me what it is to get a fresh lease of life. I have been experimenting with sports betting ever since I could remember, and I�ve made some real money at times. But it was totally unpredictable and there were so many occasions when gambling took me almost to the doors of bankruptcy. My wife had finally brainwashed me into giving up, when a beginner, who had managed to get your system, invited me to play with him. And all I could say was - Wow! It ensures that know one ever loses. What more could anyone ever want!"

Adam Lucy
Chelsea, UK


Dear Friend,

Listen, what I'm not going to do here is insult your intelligence by giving you a lengthy pitch with 'fancy pants' wording in an attempt to "sell" this to you.

What we are going to do is delve deep into the hidden world of Online Gambling. This is the real story... the true story that only I can tell you, because I'm the guy that made it all happen.

WARNING: This Story Isn't For Everyone! If your not interested in making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year via online betting then GO AWAY. Stop reading this letter and go back to your crumby little life. My Exclusive club is for people that ACT TODAY! Not tomorrow, Not next week... Today!

OK - So now that I've got rid of the time wasters, let me reveal how...

I Made Over $328,905 Last Year All Completely Tax Free
Actually, it's a lot more. That's how much money I deposited into my bank account during 2008. I always keep about $10,000 in each of my gambling accounts to 'Play with'.
Now at this point you may be wondering... 'What if I don't have $10,000 to play with?' Well - don't worry my friend! Because you don't need anything like this amount in your account... In fact you don't need any money at all! Because I'm going to show you how to...

Play Without Risking Any Of Your Own Money! Rendering These Systems 100% Risk Free!

Sound like a bold statement?... Well, how about this for an even bolder statement...
But before we go any further, we need to set the record straight...
I'm not Stupid... and I don't expect my readers to be stupid. We're only at the beginning of this letter and you've already seen some really big numbers. And If I was you, I'd be wondering...
Is This A Bunch Of Hype??
And you're absolutely right to ask that question.
In fact... If I hadn't stumbled across these loopholes, developed them and experienced the success that came after, I too would have trouble believing such extravagant claims! In other words... I know how you feel.
So let me put your mind at ease by pulling back the curtain right now and showing you exactly what happened. You'll hear about the amazing successes, the near fatal mistakes and everything in between.
For the very first time ever,
I'll Expose My Back Story Of How I Discovered the Hidden Secrets That The Online Bookmaker and Casinos Wished You Didn't Know
So Lets Begin...
First of all, I didn't t achieve this success over night. I hit many stumbling blocks during (what I like to call) my 'research period'. I lost a lot of time and money trying to 'get it right'. Most people people searching for that 'Magic' money making system fail a couple of times and then quit .
But not me! In fact this would just spur me on further. Not to say that I wasn't...
Because - I was!... And for good reason as well.
I needed Money!... I had just finished university, I had no job and I was seeking a way to make money and loosing all the time was defeating the object.
I was wildly stabbing in the dark! I had no one to show me what to do. Experimenting is Risky (Big Time Risky!)
I was loosing a lot of valuable time and energy.
My loved ones did not support me. They all thought it was impossible to beat the house (Bookmaker or Casino). They thought it was a joke and a waste of time!
Sound Familiar?
Well eventually my worry turned into excited disbelieve when I uncovered my first loophole. I remember it like it was yesterday... (cue the wavy dream like effect)...

It was the morning of 20th May 2000. The reason I remember it so well is because, it was the day of the FA Cup (Chelsea v Aston Villa). I'm a massive football fan (or 'soccer fan' if your from the States) and I'd arranged for a bunch of friends to come round to watch the game.

Now I don't support either of these teams (I'm a Manchester United fan), so to make the game a little more Interesting I decided to place a small bet. So that morning I got my laptop out and started searching through the sports betting sites. I'd make a note of the odds and then quickly proceed to the next site.
After 25 minutes of surfing, I spotted something very peculiar. I wasn't really sure what I was looking at... But something inside me was screaming -
I quickly grabbed a pen, a sheet of paper and a calculator and got to work. I knew that if I didn't figure out how to exploit this loophole I could possibly lose out!
My best mate Chris and I sat down at my coffee table and we started going over the figures. Luckily I have a masters degree in mathematics. So I'm pretty good at quickly developing formulas.
After tossing a couple of sheets of paper into the trash can, I hit a eureka moment!
I Can Safely Say, With My Hand on My Heart, It Was Most THE Defining Moment in My Life! I Could'nt Beleive My Luck
Chris and I slowly raised our head. looked at each other and smiled. 'Does this mean what I think it means??' he said. 'Only one way to find out' I remarked.
So I literally ran over to my laptop. The top half of my body was obviously more excited then my bottom half, because my little legs could' nt keep up and I fell arse over tit, smashing my head on the edge of the door!!
When I came round, I found Chris standing over me, applying a cold beer, wrapped in a dish cloth, to my bleeding forehead. 'You're bleeding quite a lot mate' he said. 'I think we should probably take you to the hospital'...
So there you have it. If you take anything away from this... take away this piece of advice... 'If your excited about a time sensitive system - Walk slowly and methodically. Don't run at your computer like a girl with her shoe laces tied together!'.
By the way... Chelsea won: 1 - 0
But it didn't matter! I'd failed to place a bet due to my accident. I'd lost out AND I was gutted!! Because...
I'd Discovered a Fomula That Guarenteed a Win 100% Of The Time!
But surely this was just a fluke!
There was this little voice at the back of my head saying...
Maybe You Just Got Lucky
It became my number one priory to try and find another one of these anomalies. I had the formula mapped out and ready. All I needed to do was find another game that fell into the same criteria.
It wasn't easy! It took almost 3 full days to find my second game. I jumped on it! Not literally this time. I carried out the necessary steps and then waited...
To Be Continued...

"In 6 1/2 Weeks I've Had 23 Wins and O Loses! I've Quit My Job and I'm Now Living Purely From Your Betting Systems!"

Jess Harrison
New York - United States

"In the last couple of months I've made a really nice Profit... Contains Secrets that I've Never seen Before!!... Keep up the Good Work Guys!"

Richard Fuller
Cambridge - UK

I'm not quite sure why I left my story hanging on such a cliff hanger. You know what's coming next, don't you? That's right...

I suppose the reason I left it on a climax was... it felt like a cliff hanger at the time.
On paper, it all made sense... The calculations were solid. The formula stated that no matter what the outcome, I'd win! But I'm only human. And like most people in this type of situation, my mind was doing back flips!
I could' nt help thinking
This is Not Going to Work.

But it WAS True!! AND it DID work!

I made my first $58 via a gambling 'system'. And not any old gambling system, I might add. THIS WAS MY SYSTEM! A loophole that I had discovered and exploited. The adrenalin was pumping! And I was hooked.
It only took me half a day to find my next game. I'd leant a so much over the first 3 days. I had a better understanding on were to look this time. I place my second bet. And guess what?...
I WON Again!

Another $85 in my pocket! Thank you very much. I could' nt believe my luck!
From then on, I found my self glued to my computer screen each and every day, searching for for my next bet. I wrote pages and pages of notes. Writing down ALL of my findings . Including all of the hints, tips and strategies that were helping me find these loopholes.
I typed up my notes into a word documents, with easy to follow step by step instructions, So that I could email it to my friends and family. I didn't want to keep this discovery a secret. I'm a nice guy! I want other people to share my success. This system has the Potential To Change Peoples Life's
(For the Better)!
Why Should I Be The Only Person That Benifits From It

My friends and family were blown away by the information in this document. My Dad even rung me to apologizes for doubting me (He now makes at least $15,000 a month due to this document).
It's a Great feeling! Knowing that you've help others achieve financial freedom. Especially when its your own friends and family.
About a year later, I was having a drink with a friend of mine called Dan. We were discussing the system, and how it had made such a huge difference to our life's as well as the life of the people around us. He ask me this question... 'Why haven't you put this book on the market?' I simply replied... 'I don't have a clue on how to put a book like this onto the market'.
REMEMBER: At this point I was just an average guy! Since leaving University I'd pretty much bummed about from one crappy job to another. I've never been one for taking life too seriously. And this is why I didn't mind spending all my time on gambling. Anyway - What I'm trying to say is... I'm not an author, or a publisher or businessman. I'm just a normal guy that accidentally stumbled across a loophole, which then enabled me to become an extremely successful gambler.
Luckily It just so happened that Dan is a very talented web developer, and he made a suggestion... 'Why don't you make the document into an ebook and sell it on the Internet?... I'll help!' he said.

So for the next couple of months we worked together and in May 2003 I launched YouBet Youwin v1.0.
Since the launch, the site has become a steady business, that has helped compliment my gambling activities.
I'm extremely proud of the product and the opportunity that its given to thousands of people from around the world.
Check out the statement below... This is just one of my betting accounts...

Over the past 6 years, I've made a LOT of money via gambling (and the YouBet YouWin site). This has allowed me to live what some might call a playboy life style (Sickening I know!). But if I'm totally honest with you that kind of life style can be quite boring and lonely.
I'd often find my self wondering around my house, scratching my arse, twiddling my thumbs and generally trying to figure out what to do next!
This is when I started researching and developing new systems. I wasn't happy with just betting on sporting events. I'm passionate about all types of gambling and...
I Made It My Quest To Find & Develop The Very BEST Betting Systems On The Planet!

Over the past 6 years I believe I've found a solid set of 'fool proof' systems and strategies that ensure you stack the odds in your favor!

It's a cheesy phrase - I know! But it sums up my products perfectly.
So now I had another big  problem! What was I going to do with this new set of systems? Should I sell them separately? Should I create a new site?... No
What I decided to do was this...
To Be Continued... (Another cliff hanger??... I'm afraid not! Just thought that you might like to see some more testimonials from happy customers)...

"It's not something that I ever thought I'd be doing In my wildest dreams!! But I would really advise that you use YouBet YouWin!"

Stuart Keynon
Leeds - United Kingdom

"I Couldn't Believe How Easy It Was & How Much I Enjoyed It... And as a Bonus I Actually Won Money!!!"

Nicole Conner
Colchester - UK

"I've Got to Admit...
It's Genius! It WORKS...
It ALL Works!!!"

Mike Barley
Manchester - UK
What I've decided to do is create an Exclusive Society for like minded gamblers

When I started out, I spent most of my time wildly stabbing about in the dark and unfortunately my mistakes and experimentations cost me dearly. If only I had some sort of mentor, to help me succeed. Someone that had already been there! I wish I had met someone that had already made the mistakes. Mistakes that I could then learn from.  

I want things to be different for you! And...

Now You Get To Benefit From 10 Years of Experience


Not only do I offer unlimited support as part of the package (I’ll answer your emails personally), but I’ve also spent a lot of money on building a second to none members forum. So you now have no excuse… No more feeling like your the only person in the world trying to Beat the System. BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT!!  

Joining YouBet YouWin will put you in an ideal position to network, chat and share with other bettors from around the world. If you’ve come across a problem, there’s a very good change that someone else in our community has already solved it!

This forum alone is priceless!

Now we get to the exciting stuff…

I’ve put together, what some would call…

The Most Comprehensive Betting Systems Ever Released

This is THAT system! The Main one! The BIG one!...

The system that is revolutionizing the betting industry by uncovering a well kept secret! Imagine placing a bet and knowing in advance that whatever the outcome you WILL win!

Guaranteed to WIN 100% of the time!! What ever the outcome!
Featuring Proven Step by Step Strategies to Help Find These Loopholes.
I'll Show You How To Get Alerted To These Loopholes via Text or Email.
All The Calculations Have Been Done For You!

The system that is so simple and at the same time genius! If you follow the simple step by step guidelines then you won’t be disappointed as it produces amazing results.

The system that brings together the world's most famous casino game and Betfair's unique back and lay system. The guide includes two Black Jack Exchange  systems where I show you how to beat the online casinos by using their own money.

This in-depth guide allows you to play poker and have the satisfaction of earning more money than you can dream of. Years of experience bring you this fully loaded strategy so you can win at online poker consistently.

Here are 5 craps systems that ensure that you are consistently winning! I show you my secrets so YOU CAN beat the house using my systems which are much, much more than simple betting strategies.

Turn your form around using these collection of clever systems give you the edge that you've always dreamed of! Also includes tips that are designed to make sure you maximize your winnings potential.

BRAND New Systems - Added
This package is easily worth its weight in gold and reveals ALL of the secrets I personally use to earn thousands of dollars each and every month. BUT that's not all I'm going to give you!!
REMEMBER - This is a Membership Site. And there's a Very Important reason for this... The gambling world (in particular - the internet gambling world) is constantly changing and to stand any chance of keeping ahead of the game, you need up to be up to date with all the current news and info. And as part of your membership you'll receive my exclusive 'members only' newsletter ensuring you keep the edge over the house!

I'm constantly striving to improve and update this series and you'll receive all of the new products and bonus (a life time of updates for a (Low) one off payment!!).
  WORTH - $ Priceless!!

Some people have a natural understanding of the complex world of gambling. But unfortunately some people don't!! Lucky - I know what I'm doing! And I'm here to help.

If you have any questions regarding my systems, strategies, rules etc please do not hesitate to contact. I'm only an email away!!
  WORTH - $ Priceless!!
Each Member gets access to their very own Members Area. This is your one stop hub for all your gambling activities. We're constantly updating the members area with new systems, bonuses, articals, resources etc.

PLUS - We're currently developing a very exciting addition to the site. Keep your eyes peeled - Because you won't want to miss this!!
The Members Area Screen Shots...
  Check Out The Benefits  
Discover the secrets to getting the edge over the House!
Featuring 15 Finely Tuned Gambling Systems (Worth Over $900)
Featuring Step by Step Instructions and Easy to Follow Tutorials
NEW Bonuses added each and every week.
An Amazing Members Forum - Launching Soon
Finally start making serious money with online gambling.
Live the life that you've always dreamt of!
Spend MORE quality time with your friends and family!
Want a Brand New car?? Finally you can pay for it with Cash!
100% Legal and Ethical
Location is NOT an issue! - WORKS within ANY country!
Gamble without using YOUR OWN MONEY!
Everything YOU win is YOURS! 100% TAX FREE!
RISK FREE Gambling - Guaranteed!!
Take the Gamble out of Gambling!!!
You'll Soon Be One Track to Earning a Six Figure Income?

Think about it... With my systems you can easily turn a hundred dollars into hundreds of thousands of tax free dollars... Imagine that for a second!

All the hard work has been done for you. Now, for the first time ever I am releasing all of my systems. So they can work for YOU!

Think about all the money you have lost in the past on gambling. All of the money you've wasted on bad systems that are doomed to fail.

But now you have a genuine chance to follow my proven systems... And remember... I guarantee YOUR success.

That's a money back promise!...
BUT - Before I tell you about my money back guarantee... Let me put a face to my name... Hit the 'Play' button on the tv below to see a short video introduction to YouBet YouWin (hosted by ME!)...

"It's very easy to use with realy easy step by step instructions!"

Ramesh Kuppili

"I've Made About £1500 So Far Over a Month and I've
Not Even used Any of my
Own Money!!!"

Ian Ford
London - UK

"The BEST Thing About This Product Is It's So Simple. The Instructions Are Easy to Follow... It's Been Absolutely Brilliant!"

Liz Tate
Hartlepool - UK

I LOVE receiving these messages from my customers. I mean – Who wouldn't?

Not only has my betting techniques, helped me achieve a huge amount of success. But also my friends and family, as well as thousand of people from all around the world.

I’ve even received a number of letters (via that old form of communication – the post) from happy customers.

Check these out…

Your Free Cash

As I mentioned earlier… My systems have enabled me live a ‘playboy’ life style. And if I’m totally honest with you, it can be quite boring and lonely. It defiantly was for me! I felt like there was something missing in my life... Until...

Something Spectacular Happened!!

I met my wife and we had our first child. This has totally changed my out look on life. My systems have enabled me to build a small fortune and I’m now lucky enough to experience the family life that so many people can only dream of.

Not only am I rich (financially), I'm also rich in LIFE! I couldn't ask for a better life!... I now get to spend time on the things that really matter to me... My family, my friends, my dogs, my hobbies and MYSELF! The freedom that this type of life style unlocks is astonishing!

Don't get me wrong, I love my job... But it's only a key... a key that unlocks a life that's free from dept, free from the 9 to 5, free from the boss and free from the stress and heart ache.

And now YOU have the opportunity to make a massive change in YOUR life. Follow in my in my foot steps and...

You’ll easily be pulling in $25,725 each and every month!

So Let’s Cut The Crap
And Keep This Grounded In Reality.  


You’re not BLIND and I’m not either.

We’ve both seen sites that hype up products on the internet, right?

There Are So Many Sites On The Internet That Are SCAMS!

These sites promote products that are rehashed, out of date information. Information that can easily be found for free… if you know where to look. Created by very clever marketers, looking for a quick buck. These guys make extravagant claims that are almost always inaccurate and deceptive. I’m of the opinion that this is a form of theft!

And it’s not big and it’s not clever!... “YouBet YouWin Is Different!”

All of the people that have made a success of my systems have had to carry out (what I call) the - 'Leap of Faith'. This is where one side of your brain is telling you... 'This sounds to good to be true!" and the other half is saying - "Oh what the hell... Let's give it a try". This way of thinking is normal and the ultimate decision is often very tough...
AND this is exactly why I'm going to offer you something very special today!...


I pride my self on offering the highest level of service. AND I’m so confident in this product that I’ll give you 60 days to trial the service. That’s right!... You get to try out the information in the member area 100% risk free.

You’ll Start Making Massive Cash Just Hours From Now
100% Cast Iron
Money Back Guarantee!

Get Instant access to the Members Area and give my systems a try. If your not totally swept away by the quality of this fabulous package...

Or you fail to make a massive amount of extra (tax free) cash via my tried and tested formulas...

Drop me a line and I'll give you a FULL refund! No questions asked!

Our refund is guaranteed by ClickBank (our payment vender). You have 60 days to review this material - So you've got absolutely nothing to lose!


This Is Extremely Important

I’m offering a LOW membership price to the first 1000 customers. (You'll never have to pay more then this if you sign up today). And this will only be available to a a small selection of people. Strictly Based on a ‘First come – First Served’ basis.

Why? I hear you cry!

Well – My intension is to turn YouBet YouWin into a thriving community of online bettors (as well as a broad information resource library). I’ve spent a lot of time and money on creating an intuitive members area featuring a large selection of resources and a second to none members forum.

I’m Extremely Proud of This Service

I haven’t opened the members forum yet. I’ve decided to wait until the I have enough members to make it worth while. And this is exactly why I’m offering the Limited membership price to the first 1000 new members.

Well that’s it I think! I’ve told you my story, I’ve introduced you to my customers, I’ve shown you what to expect from my service and given you my ‘cast iron’ guarantee!


You Have To ACT TODAY To Become Part Of This Community!

The last thing you want, is to come back to this page tomorrow and find that you have to pay $49.95 every single month to subscribe to the service. 

What I’m offering is very special.

But Be Warned!

It’s not going to be available for very long. I will be raising the price  to $49.95 per month in the next couple of days. So don’t delay… scroll to the bottom of  the page and hit the ‘join now’ button. It’s a massive red button… you won’t miss it!

REMEMBER: I’m giving you 60 days to try out this product. If, for what ever reason, you’re not happy, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked! And the best part is… you get to keep what ever you’ve downloaded! I'm that Confident of this product!

So… What more could you ask for??

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and SO much to gain

We’re finally at the end of this long letter. Thank you for listening to my story. It’s now time for you to ACT and start creating your own success story. Please don’t be shy!... Get in contact and let me know about your success. I LOVE hearing from my customers. It makes developing this product worth while!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in this service. I wish you the very best of luck and I’ll speak to you very soon.
Kind Regards,


Want To Generate Between $250K and $400K Per Year With Online Gambling In Simple And Easy To Follow Steps??

Yes Please Mike. Could you instantly send me my Membership link, So I can get started within the next couple of minutes.
I realize that I'm in a very fortunate situation. I truly appreciate the opportunity and I can't wait to be part of your community.

I realize that the Information within this course could EARN me a ridiculous amount of money. More money then I might be able to cope with! BUT I promise that I'll act responsibly with my new found wealth and I will not let it go to my head... Probably!

Try it for 60 Days, 100% Risk Free
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